Family Mediators ​Group

Mediation is about

  • Taking ​​​a holistic approach to problem solving, and empowering you to make informed decisions about your family's future through collaboration NOT confrontation

  • ​Letting YOU the clients, not lawyers or judges, take charge of the dispute resolution process, whether it's about separation, divorce, or planning for elderly members of your family 

  • Helping you have productive communications with everyone involved, and facilitating fair negotiations in a timely manner​


Our Team

We begin with an informal and confidential talk with you to see if mediation would be an appropriate and effective process for your family's unique needs. This initial conversation is free, and you are under no obligation to continue.

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    Central Vancouver Island


The Process

We are dedicated to taking care of our clients during a difficult time. That includes offering free consultations and affordable rates for our services.  

We are certified specialists from various backgrounds who are trained to help with every  aspect of your agreement building process. We look forward to meeting with you.